What to Expect

We are a referral-only practice and want the primary care veterinarian to be involved in what we do. Please be sure to speak to your primary care veterinarian before contacting us about a consult. Once a nutrition consult is approved, we will ask you to fill out a patient and diet history form and ask you to have your dog’s or cat’s medical records sent to us. When we have received all of the information, a consult time will be scheduled.

Most consults are done by phone and last 60 to 90 minutes. After the consult, Dr. Allen will contact the primary care veterinarian via phone to give a quick summary of the treatment plan. It can take a few weeks to get a diet formulation and the final written portion of the consult completed. During that time, it is not uncommon for owners to communicate with NVVN via email or phone. Copies of all communications will be sent by fax or email to the primary care veterinarian.

The final consult will include medical and diet history, diet goals, diet recommendation, feeding protocol, and monitoring. In most cases, NVVN does not charge for further communication, but if there is the need for a change in diet, a recheck charge is usually billed.

Though we understand the urgency you feel when your pet is not doing well, we want to provide good quality care to our clients. We will reply to emails within 72 hours, and we will return phone calls within 48 hours. If the problem seems more urgent, please contact your primary care veterinarian or go to an emergency clinic. Please do not text!