Veterinary Nutrition

We know how difficult it is when our furry family member is not feeling well and you cannot find the right food to meet his/her needs. At NVVN, we help veterinarians and their clients find dietary options for their pets that will help to provide the best quality and quantity of life possible.

Though veterinary nutrition is often considered a “natural” treatment, it is not holistic medicine. Veterinary nutrition is based upon many of the same principles utilized with western medicine. The science behind it starts with biochemistry and physiology of normal dogs and cats, specifically concentrating on nutrient intake, digestion, absorption, metabolism, and excretion. This knowledge is then extended into how things change with specific medical conditions. Diet changes in dogs and cats with medical conditions attempt to counteract the biochemical or physiologic changes that have occurred. Though it is hard to say that these diet changes are truly “natural,” they often improve the quality of life for a patient and help the primary care veterinarian decrease medications that have potential side effects.

Veterinary nutrition is not an emergency. Force feeding a dog or cat when he/she is anorexic is often not the right answer. And, rapid changes in the diet can cause gastrointestinal and other problems. We stress to our clients that we are available if the owner is worried about a side effect to our treatments. But, in most cases, owners are encouraged to contact their primary care veterinarian if there is an urgent matter.